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By: Charlie Sloves

Mount Olympics, the most anticipated part of “Spirit Week,” is back again Oct. 26 in the Kaplan Recreation Center.

During Mount Olympics, students among each class compete in various activities until one of the four classes wins the Mount Olympics Trophy – and, of course, bragging rights. Attendees say the gym is always packed with screaming students, all anxious to compete.

Each class participates in physical activities, such as swim races, relay races, an obstacle course, Kan-Jam, football tosses, three-legged races and tug of war. Additionally, each class creates a skit that goes along with their class theme. There will be food and music set up as well.

“Mount Olympics gets everyone together in the grade and you cheer on the people in your class, which brings your grade together in such a great way,” said Junior Alyssa Riccio. “It really is such a nice night.”

Each class chooses a theme that corresponds with their class’s color. This year, freshman will wear blue, sophomores will be black, juniors will be red and seniors will be white. All activities test each class’ speed, strength and ability to work together as a team.

“In high school we had a ‘Battle of the Classes,’ so the fact that our college has an event like this makes me so happy and makes me feel more at home,” senior Dom Lotito said. “It really is such a fun night to share with your friends and your classmates.”

Mount Olympics is a unique way to bring a college together as one, and it is a perfect way for commuters to meet students who live on campus and get to know each other out of class. Throughout the night, you can feel the positive energy within the gym while students cheer for their classmates on the bleachers.

“It is a fun way to get everyone in the school involved in an event on campus because not everyone plays a sport or likes to go to sporting events, so this is a unique way to make everyone in the Mount community more involved,” said junior Alexis Orlando.