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by: Colleen Thornton

In the technologically driven age that we live in, it’s almost a given that every person on the Mount Saint Mary College’s campus owns a smart phone of some kind.  Phones like this give people the ability to have the world at their fingertips.  Different departments at MSMC have taken notice of this and have hopped on the bandwagon.

Student Activities recently developed an app of their own, called Knight Access.  This app gives you the ability to keep up with what’s happening on campus by simply unlocking your phone and tapping your screen.

With the app you can easily see the campus calendar with club events or figure out when our next break begins.  You can write quick posts and connect with friends similarly to how you would on Facebook.

The homepage of the app is broken down into different sections that show you everything from the temperature on campus to information on the First Year Experience program and Mount Merchants.

The app offers something that MSMC has never had before.  Club presidents are able to connect with students by publicizing their events here, Athletics can post about the next game that’s happening, and the Student Activities office is able to keep people up to date with a link to its Twitter page.

The campus information section of the app offers a campus map, links to places like the bookstore and Kaplan, an up-to-date list of mount merchants and even a list of courses offered at MSMC.

The Student Activities staff members worked long and hard for the launching of this app, and are excited that it is finally ready.

Download Knight Access and get connected with MSMC in a way you never have before!