Image courtesy of: Tori Kuhr

By: Tori Kuhr

 First semester of freshmen year seems critical. It is spent understanding the community we have decided to spend and invest in for the next four years of our lives. It is getting thrown into new situations we would never have expected to be a part of in the past. Which is why MSMC’s annually held “Bonfire” should be attended by all seeking such gratifying experiences.

The regular talk throughout The Mount’s Spirit Week was “bonfire this” and “bonfire that,” even more on the day of the event.

For on Oct. 19 was when the local fire department actually arrived. They set up about an hour or two before everyone started gathering in the parking lot of Guzman Hall. It was a crazy scene, especially when a huge pile of wood stacked too high became the center point of the school for the evening. My friends and I went, waiting for the fire to be lit so the celebration could officially start.

The twenty-first annual Bonfire was a place where the spirit of The Mount could be honored. It was interesting but also expected that Father Francis would come out and end up saying a few words before concluding his prayer by introducing a dog to walk over and light the wood pile.

Igniting the fire was a slow process. I stood on the opposite side of where it was lit. Soon after the smoke started up, the entirety of the wood went up in flames. Not to be underestimated is just hot it actually was at the time.

The Disc Jockey urged everyone to retreat to the hill leading up to Guzman in preparation for the dance team’s performance. While they did a splendid job, at times it was tough not to become distracted by how much of the heat from the bonfire was still radiating in the air. I did not realize how hot it was until moving behind everyone on the top of the hill. Sitting near the bonfire left me wondering if I was too close and if I was in danger of having my clothes catch a spark. At one point, burning ashes were flying through the sky towards the river. My friends and I watched as it rained ashes, marveling at this wonderful glimpse of what our next four years together would be like.

Bonfire was a well-need stress reliever in the aftermath of midterms. It was insane reflecting about having already survived the first half of the first semester so quickly. It was fun having the opportunity to let loose, dance, and hang out with friends without the prospect of huge tests weighing on my shoulders, if only for this shortest period of time.

While many would argue The Mount is at ease most days and nights, there are no days comparable to that of the ease felt upon witnessing the firsthand beauty of Bonfire, especially for the first time.