Image courtesy of: MSMC Flickr

By Breanna Scott

Every spring semester the Mount features a stage play and a concert. This year, however, for the first time, they put on a musical: “Tomfoolery,” performed April 16 in Aquinas Hall Theater.

Dr. Durward Entrekin, professor of music, and Prof. James Phillips, associate professor of theater, made the change to have one show instead of two. “We’ve talked about it in the past. Trying to figure out how, when and what has always been a little bit tricky,” said Phillips. “It just worked out this time.” “Tomfoolery” is “basically a musical revue, with dialogue connecting the songs of Tom Lehrer, the great musical satirist,” according to Entrekin.

As a school with limited funds in the music and drama departments, Tomfoolery was a simple choice for the Mount. “We don’t have the man power or the equipment or the budget to do a bigger, traditional narrative musical,” said Phillips. “We needed something that didn’t need a lot of dancing, didn’t need a full orchestra, didn’t need sound equipment, didn’t need a gigantic set, and this fit the bill.”

Before the show ran, Entrekin had some advice for the perspective audience: “They should expect a fun night, hopefully, of music and very witty and satirical lyrics that are slightly at times irreverent. But I would remind the audience that Tom Lehrer was composing these songs in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s,” he said, “but still relevant in many ways with the things he pokes fun at. And I think that if you can just sit back and enjoy some of this humor of his, I think you’ll have a grand ol’ time.”

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