by Jillian Torre

It seems like most people are now using their phones when balancing their bank accounts, deciding how much to tip their waiters, keeping up with the latest celebrity break ups, or paying their coffee bills at Starbucks. So why not take advantage of these little helpers when it comes to our health? Here are some of the top apps that can help you with your healthy lifestyle. Oh, did I mention they’re all free?! Now you really have no excuse.

1. My Fitness Pal This app is a digital food and activity diary that tracks the amount of calories you consume and burn. My Fitness Pal also will use your weight goals and body type to determine the amount of calories you should be eating everyday.

2. Interval Timer Workout & Fitness This app is great for any type of circuit training. Whether it be sprinting, aerobics, lifting weights or cycling, this app will time your work and rest periods. Not only can you set it to whatever time you want but this app will work with your iTunes to play music during intervals.

3. Fooducate This app allows you to scan a bar-code or search for any food to learn nutritional values of any food. It will also give the food a grade based on its nutritional value and will offer healthier alternatives.

4. Pinterest How many times have you pinned great workouts but never used them? Unless you memorize them or print them out they just sit collecting virtual dust on your virtual board. Downloading the Pinterest app is the easiest way to take all of these great online workouts to the gym with you.

5. MapMyRUN This App is exactly what it sounds like; it maps your run. This app will use your GPS to track an outdoor walk, run, or bike ride. It can also map out runs in advance for a certain distance. On top of all of this is will time your run and track your progress.

6. Workout Trainer This app offers thousands of workouts with step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions. The workouts are organized by difficulty level, time, and equipment. With Workout Trainer there’s no excuse not to workout even if you only have ten minutes in your dorm room with no equipment available.

7. Nike Training Club This is very similar to Workout Trainer, NTC has many various exercises with adding music from your iTunes and rewards. Every time you use NTC to workout you get closer to unlocking rewards and bonuses that include personal training advice and extra workout routines.

8. Charity Miles Every time you run, bike, or walk not only will you be doing good for your body, but you’ll also being doing good for those in need. Charity miles donates 10 cents per mile for bikers and 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners to a charity of your choice. It’s as easy as choosing your charity and pressing start. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.