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by: Tatyana Daley

Brandon Kinder, frontman of the Alternative rock band The Rocketboys, recently released a debut indie-folk solo album called “Long Play” February 9 underneath the stage name of The Wealthy West. This album captures raw emotions by creating beautifully crafted lyrics and constant catchy melodies. The stripped down acoustic guitar and soft, sometimes dark, piano sounds give the listener a true nostalgic feel. With poetic and storytelling lyrics such as,  “I was a whisper from someone, I was a voice in the past” and “I got a photograph of someone that I love and I will pin it to my chest so it hurts when I think of you,” Kinder easily paints the perfect picture with words for his listeners. This collection of narrative and hauntingly expressive songs takes you on a musical journey that reflects on memories and feelings, while coming to terms with life’s realities, making it wonderfully relatable as well.