by Christian Redl

Rating *** ½

Come of Age signifies the growth of The Vaccines with their second studio album. Their sound is uniquely their own, ultimately combining decades of British music history into one cohesive sound.

Singer James Young discusses being hopeless at twenty-four, not living up to expectations, and trudging through the mundane in life in an invigorating post-punk style. His vocals are a marriage of surf rock and Strokes-like styles, which re-ignite the sounds made famous by the second British invasion during the mid to late 90s.

With track titles like, “No Hope,” “All In Vain,” and “Lonely World,” The Vaccines harness the nihilistic philosophies of the punk “blank generation,” and seemingly make being cool, uncool. Perfectly fitting for a band whose first album was aptly titled, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

Come of Age is a catharsis of mediocrity from a band that has yet to truly make it big. An anthem for the middle class, The Vaccines may very well contradict their image of apathy they diligently portray with songs that will catch them a great deal of attention.