by Brittany Ambrosino


Just when you thought it couldn’t get more outrageous, it does, in the most hilarious ways. A huge fashion and “beauty” trend in 2015 has been the ever so famous, man bun.

Long gone are the days of the short, trimmed look. Men have instead been growing their luscious locks long enough to slip it back into a messy bun. Some call it hipster, some call it their “aesthetic,” but either way, girls seem to love it.

Brock O’Hurn, an LA based model, has grown increasingly popular on social media all because of his man bun! Video compilations can be found all over the internet of O’Hurn literally just putting his hair in a bun! He’s even been brought onto day-time talk shows to talk about the trend.

But, what happens to the guy who just got a hair cut and can’t wait months to grow his hair back ? Or the guy who is lacking in the relationship department and needs a man bun to score a date?

Have no fear! There is a solution to all your worries and it’s finally here – the clip-in man bun.

You read it right. You can now buy a portable man bun, that can easily clip right into your hair. Although it looks more like a toupee, men are actually trying it, and it’s hilarious.

According to, the clip-in man bun values at $65.34, but snag an 85% discount provided by the site and you can get your hands on the bun for a simple 10 dollars!

Who knows how long this “trend” will stick, but maybe that’s a good thing!