(Photo courtesy of askmen.com)

The New Tinder – With a Twist?

by Brittany Ambrosino

It goes without saying that the Tinder app has become one of the most popular trends among teens and young adults. Don’t know what Tinder is? Here’s a quick description: Tinder is a dating app that connects to your Facebook account. Once you’ve chosen your photos and created a profile, you are then given pictures of guys or girls that you can either swipe right or left. A swipe to the right indicates that you like the person and a swipe to the left indicates you don’t. Before swiping you are able to look through more pictures and read people’s profiles as well. If you like the person and they like you back, you are then able to send a message and start talking.

Tinder has grown increasingly popular, with celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry having joked about having their own accounts. One worry that Tinder users have brought up are “catfishes,” people who misrepresent themselves and lie about who they are. With that being said, there is a new app that people are buzzing about that has similar qualities to Tinder, but with a twist.

Happn is an online dating app that is all about location. Once having downloaded the app, it will ask you to connect to Facebook to obtain your pictures and simple “about me” information, but it will never post on your Facebook account. It then makes sure your location services are on.

As long as you have your location services switched on, Happn will keep track of the people you “cross paths” with. If you cross paths with a person who has the app as well, their profile then pops up on your feed. Happn gives you a grid view of your latest encounters and you are able to scroll further back to find past encounters. If you like someone you’ve crossed and they have liked you back, you can start chatting for free. If you wish to talk to someone who hasn’t liked you back, you can use credits. It’s a cool spin on the normal dating sites because you will have already possibly seen the person or have passed them. According to techcrunch.com’s interview with Happn’s co-founder Dider Rappaport, “The app tells you the story of your life through your moments, it’s based on real life and this is key. It could be people you’ve crossed paths with and that you really wanted to see on Happn, it could also be someone you came across 44 times because you live in the same area.”

Happn advertises their app by saying, “Walking down the street, at a café, at work, at a party… With happn, discover the people you’ve crossed paths with, the people you like, and the people you’d like to find again!”

Creepy or the new wave of dating and social interaction? Download Happn and find out for yourself!