The Hunt
(Image courtesy of iTunes)

by Brittany Ambrosino

You’re walking down the street and you see them: the perfect pair of black leather boots. You’ve seen them before, they were the ones that Kylie Jenner was seen wearing in last week’s issue of InTouch Magazine. In that moment, you’re convinced that you absolutely need them in your life. But where can you get them? Before you’re able to dart across the street and compliment the lady wearing them, in order to slyly ask where she got them from, the mysterious girl is whisked away in a bright yellow cab. Now, while a little part of you may have just died inside, don’t fear. The answer to your problem is The Hunt.

Created in early 2014, The Hunt is a shopaholic’s ideal app. After creating a profile, you’re able to upload pictures of your dream clothes, makeup, and accessories that you’ve searched everywhere for, but just can’t seem to find. Once uploaded, other users can favorite your search and help you find the item you’re “on the hunt” for. If another user finds the item you’re looking for, or something similar to it, they can upload the link to that item directly to your post.

It’s the go-to spot to find new fashions that are in style, giving you the choice to search by web or choose from their selection of over 20 stores to find the item people are looking for. With its organized layout and easy-to-use options, The Hunt has become the place to go for tracking down hard to find fashion and accessories. So the next time you see those to-die-for boots or that denim jacket you absolutely cannot live without, don’t give up the search, get ready for The Hunt!