Image courtesy of: Veronica Malloy

By: Silvia Marin

Are you interested in traveling to other countries, making new friends and experiencing new culture all while learning about the beginnings of our Dominican heritage?

Every year MSMC offers a three-week trip to Fanjeaux, France, where students and staff have the opportunity to learn about the Dominican Spirituality and how Dominic de Guzman’s vision came to be.

The trip begins in the medieval area of southern France, where students and staff visit the home of Saint Dominic and other historic locations. It then ends with four days in the “City of Lights”: Paris.

While on this trip, students can receive three history credits, and an example of a course previously taught is France in the Middle Ages. Another important part of the trip is experiencing a new culture and meeting new people.  

“The experience was great because it was half a retreat style and half a really adventurous trip abroad,” stated Veronica Malloy, a student at the Mount and participant of the 2016 Fanjeaux trip.

Additionally, there are scholarships available for anyone interested in the trip. Prospective trip members can apply to scholarships that will cover a part of the cost. In previous years, the Dominican Sisters have sponsored the trip by providing airfare costs for students and full payment for faculty and staff.

“I would definitely recommend this trip,” said Malloy. “I am still close with everyone I went with, I deepened my faith, and the scenery and adventures cannot be duplicated anywhere else.”

It is important that we, as Mount students, understand the Dominican faith. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you could learn about the order with a first-hand experience.

For more information contact the CDI at or call 845-569-3467.