by Christian Redl

Rating: ***

The Canadian twins, Tegan And Sara, are well known throughout the Indie world for their folk-like acoustics and unique timbre in their voices. Heartthrob defies everything you thought you knew about these musical sisters.

Delving into the world of synthpop, Tegan And Sara released an album that shows their influences and maturity as a band. Successfully remaining in the music scene for fifteen years, this evolution into electronica was a step in the right direction, displaying the diversity these two ladies possess.

Heartthrob talks about tales of love on both ends of the spectrum; an emotion usually reserved for piano ballads and acoustic guitars accompanied by Country twangs. Tegan And Sara fins their voice behind an 80’s sound, refurbished for the twentieth century. “Now I’m All Messed Up” exemplifies this marriage of generations, closing a twenty-year gap in the process.

Tegan And Sara owe a great deal of their sound to being twins. Much like the Beach Boys, their voices simply melt together into one harmonious voice. Although sounding nothing like previous records, Heartthrob establishes Tegan And Sara as an Indie power couple, ready and willing to evolve with whatever pop culture throws at them.