Image Courtesy of: Victoria Kuhr

By Victoria Kuhr

“Coffee House,” a co-collaboration between “Essence of Poetry,” “Improv,” and “Different Stages,” held its first event of the year in the Knight Spot on Saturday, Sept. 17.

The audience began to take their seats to watch the show, anticipating who was to perform, and what type of acts would be seen.

The performers were anxious and ready for the show to start, eager to showcase their talents and demonstrate the hard work and effort they put into preparation. Everyone in the crowd was mingling, whether with someone they knew or were meeting for first time. The atmosphere was jumpy, the amount of excitement literally radiating off of everyone. A few MSMC professors came to watch as well and unexpectedly, one even read a poem.

Sitting in the audience meant having an increased sense of elation with each new act. Especially after Improv opened up with a game demonstration, you knew the night would end up being a memorable one. Improv would later commence the Coffee House event for a second time following a brief intermission, eventually closing the night with a game involving the entire audience.

Essence of Poetry, the poetry club on campus, was represented at Coffee House by nearly half of their members. Each member read at least one original poem. Even the members who were not performing still sat in the audience to listen, supporting the bravery of their peers.

It is one thing to sing, dance, or perform a skit—but it is another to put your own thoughts and feelings on paper, then vocally presenting them to the public. Bravo to all the participants willing to channel such personal topics in front of strangers, undiscouraged by looming factors like judgment, ridicule, or embarrassment.

One of the most unexpected performances was when two male members read the full-length version of Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Another strong performance was a lip-synched duet to the tune of “What I’ve Been Looking for” from the Disney Channel Original Movie, “High School Musical.”

From Different Stages, a duet performed a song, Dammit Janet, from “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Different Stages also advertised the viewing of their self-produced rendition of “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” coming out this semester on Oct. 28.  The club recently held auditions, and will be begin to rehearse in the upcoming weeks. The duet divulged a little taste of what can be expected next month.

As a first time viewer, the execution made attending completely worth it. I would recommend all MSMC artists with the “itch to perform” sign up for future Coffee House events. Even if they do not want to take the stage, they shall be assured a light, supportive, and welcoming environment.