By: Stephanie Watkins

Back to school is always an exciting time but for college it is slightly different. For the class of 2018 this move-in day was full of mixed emotions as the beginning of the “lasts” took place. For the freshmen, this is just the start of their new chapters in life – without their parents looking over their shoulders. The first month has flown by, so now what? Here are a few tips from upper-classmen on how to stay on point and make this year your very best, whether it’s your first or your last fall here at MSMC.

1. Don’t let your bed keep you.

Matt Oquendo, a junior math major, knows the comfort of your bed and the harshness of the 8 a.m. class on the third floor of Aquinas. “Remember you [often] get three skips but don’t use them unless you have to. Trust me: when you are sick and its freezing out you will wish you still had them.” To combat the urge, he suggested rolling over in your warm bed and setting an alarm for an hour earlier than you need to get up. That way you “have to focus on going back to sleep to skip class,” making you reconsider.

2. You always have homework.

“Even when you think you don’t, there is always something you could be doing,” advised Jacki Kasper, a senior. Try to dedicate time after class every day to review or start an assignment even if it isn’t due for a few weeks. “No matter what your major, you always have an assignment due, just do it,” she said. Procrastination is a killer to a student’s GPA.

3. Midterms come faster than you think.

Midterms happen in the blink of an eye. “They sneak up and strangle you,” according to Sophomore Emily Cook. Her tip is to keep flashcards or study guides up to date as the weeks go on. When midterms pop up, you have everything you need and aren’t spending time that you could be studying or catching up on work.

4. Friday turns to Sunday…fast.

“Just because you are 18 and can party doesn’t mean you should, especially in the fall,” advised Lyndsey O’Connor, a senior. Weekends are a great time to unwind, but before you know it Friday night has turned into Sunday at 2 a.m. and you are trying to finish an essay and study for that test tomorrow. O’Connor said, “Don’t let the pumpkin spice lattes go to your head; enjoy the fall without falling behind.”