by Angelique Suarez

            The infamous Snapchat app is changing up its game with a new update that has added new selfie filters, a “trophy case,” and many more features.

The app came out on Tuesday, Sept. 15th for iOS and Android users. There are seven new special effect features called “lenses.”  Users can access this new feature by using the front camera of your iPhone or Android and holding down on your face. Once the app captures the dimensions of where your face is on screen, it opens a menu of different facial filters that change nearly regularly. From adorable to scary, these faces add a little more fun to your Snapchat convos.

The animated feature is not limited to pictures.  Users can record videos of themselves as well.  The “lenses” feature gets updated often, so the app has new animated features daily.

Snapchat also added a feature called “Trophy Case.” The trophies in this case are different emoticons that represent different accomplishments in the Snapchat community. Such accomplishments include posting videos or reaching a certain score on the app after sending and receiving snaps.

After accomplishing these new features, the Snapchat creators are still looking to expand, experiment, and add more updates to the app.