Pete Davidson, new cast member on SNL. (Photo courtesy of

by Michael Reistetter

“Saturday Night Live” turned 40 on Saturday, Sept. 27. The premiere was hosted by Chris Pratt (“Parks and Recreation,” “Guardians of the Galaxy) and featured a musical performance by Ariana Grande.

The season was dedicated to Don Pardo, SNL’s longtime announcer, who passed way this summer at the age of 91. He was replaced with former cast member Darrell Hammond.

With last season oft-labeled as a rebuilding season, following the back-to-back season departures of many fan-favorite cast members.

Luckily, Season 40 introduced what appears to be a new, improved and revamped look to the show. Comedian Michael Che became the first African American “Weekend Update” anchor in the show’s history.

Che, 31, gives voice to comical one-liners and commentary, providing the tasteful satire on current events expected of anchors manning the action behind the “Update” desk.

During the Weekend Update segment, Che was also given the pleasure of introducing the youngest cast member SNL has hired in nearly thirty years, 20-year-old Pete Davidson, formerly of MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Wild N’ Out.”

Davidson was brought in to help the show appeal to a younger demographic audience. Davidson was able to easily joke his way into consideration for the breakout performance of the night as he recited a humorous and surprisingly non-controversial commentary on the topic of homosexuality.

The casting of Davidson pleased mass circles, and it is suggested by the recognition he has received for his work that this will result in more sketches and bits being written into the show for him to showcase his many talents.

Many look forward to the entertaining skits and performances Davidson and his new fellow colleagues shall bring as they ring in SNL’s 40th year on television.