Rating: 3.5/5

Song To Look Out For: Dirty Sexy

Since its creation in the early 2000’s, Dubstep has witnessed enormous changes in its style and sound. Rusko, however, returns to the genre’s roots on his latest album, Songs.

Today, Dubstep is often associated with the heavy drops and chest-pounding subsonic frequencies of Skrillex, a sound that has progressed from its dance music roots to a more visceral experience. Songs is an album that delivers a much more groove-based noise with retro House vibes and Reggae beats, transporting the listener back to a South London club in 2001.

The record kicks off with “Somebody To Love,” a fast-paced House inspired tune light enough for the club scene, but still delivering those wobbles Dubstep fans have grown to love so much. This theme continues into the track “Pressure,” resurrecting an ever-changing genre, while bringing it back to the dance floor.

Rusko is well known for his fusion of Reggae with Dub to create his own iconic sound, and he continues this tradition with tracks like “Skanker” and “Love No More.” The drops are subtle and the subs are smooth, giving a much more laid-back vibe in these Rastafarian melodies.

The impressive quality of this album is Rusko’s addition of new-wave Dubstep synths, which add some grime and grit to the sine waves in his subs. “Dirty Sexy” has all of the qualifications to be a chart-topping hit on Beatport. Auto-tuned vocals with vapid lyrics? Check. Heavy drop? Check. Gritty synths? You guessed it: check. “Dirty Sexy” will undoubtedly be a club hit this summer, and already has gained the attention of Rolling Stone.

Rusko’s Songs reminds us of where Dubstep has come from and where it has ended up. It’s the perfect summer album, and is a record worthy of his name. This won’t be the last we hear of Rusko.