by Amy Rice


Taylor Swift has done it again. On Monday, October 22, this beautiful blonde music star released her new album “RED.” At the stroke of midnight, 16 brand new tunes climbed their way to the top of the charts and into the heart of millions of fans across the world. This time, Swift traded in her worn out country boots for a pair of hot red pumps as she introduced high-energy catchy songs and slow heartfelt beats with the help of Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Swift experiments with new musical genres, expanding her appeal to more audiences. She includes a dubstep song and several pop numbers that you can’t help but sing along to. Swift also steps away from her typical love song lyrics, introducing new topics such as living a life of fortune and fame–the fun life of a 22-year-old girl–sneaking into parties, and dancing under the stars.

She lightens the usual somber broken-hearted mood of her albums with graceful Jason Mraz-like instrumentals in numbers “Stay Stay Stay,” and “22.” Without a doubt, Swift has expanded her boundaries to appeal to a wider audience and steps up her game to ensure more Country Music Awards and Grammys in her future.

However, Swift still includes several numbers of what she does best: break-ups. Songs “I Almost Do,” “All Too Well,” and “Sad Beautiful Tragic” will surely aid any broken-hearted girl in getting over her jerk of an ex-boyfriend. Swift was able to create the perfect combination of her feminist and misandrist lyrics with fun tunes to lift your mood and appeal to a wide audience. Like what you hear? Swift recently announced her upcoming world tour featuring “RED,” so be sure to get online and look for a tour date and be a witness to the legend that is Taylor Swift.