by Mallika Rao

Brian Klose is one busy man. With the highly-anticipated Spring Concert and Spring Weekend coming up in March, while working hard as a Public Relations major, the junior has his plate full. Here’s just a glimpse at the daily life of your Student Body President.

Mount Messenger: What are the responsibilities of the Student Body President, exactly?

Brian Klose: Well, a Student Body President oversees the group of senators and members of SGA (Student Government Association). My job is to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Also, I get to oversee the process of planning the different activities we have in store for each semester.

Mount Messenger: What are your hopes and expectations for the spring semester?

Brian Klose: First and foremost, I hope that everybody has a good time at the Spring Concert–we have an awesome trio of bands performing. But overall, I just hope that everyone enjoys the great roster of activities we have going on this semester. It’s going to be a fun semester.

Mount Messenger: We the Kings is an interesting choice for a concert headliner. How did you come to the decision to hire them?

Brian Klose: Well, our selection process is fairly simple. We meet with SGA members and Senate and come up with 6-7 acts for our Spring Concert. We narrow down that list to four, and the calls start to get made. Then, it’s all about timing for each artist we call, and fortunately, We the Kings, Mayday Parade, and Downtown Fiction were agreeable to come to our campus and perform.

Mount Messenger: Your senior year is coming up. What are your plans after graduation?

Brian Klose: Well, I hope to move to New York or Los Angeles and become a party planner. So, next time you click on to TMZ, you may be witnessing all that went down at a party that I was responsible in planning.

Mount Messenger: Lastly, do you have any regrets about your term as Student Body President?

Brian Klose: I don’t live life with regrets. I just try to live my life to the fullest, and if anything bad happens, so be it.

So, there you have it from the man himself. Next time you see Brian running through the hallways of Mount Saint Mary College, keep in mind this busy man is one of us and should be appreciated for all of his hard work.