European Style 2013 Winter Women's Fur Collar Puffer Vest. (Photo courtesy of

by Rebecca Gordils

Originally posted on Boottique Blog.

These autumn days can be difficult to dress for. When it’s chilly in the morning, warms up throughout the day, but has cold breezes, it is safe to say that almost everyone has a hard time deciding whether or not to simply wear a sweater or to throw on a coat.

Puffer vests are the perfect solution to your weather woes. The insulation of the vests provides the perfect protection from the elements and keeps your core warm. Layer it over a sweater on the chillier days, and over a button-down on days where a sweater may be too much once you’re inside school or the office. They range in everything from price to color and add a touch of preppy equestrian flair that we love.

Try a puffer vest on for size and combat this confused weather!