by Johanna Seidel

You do it from bed, you do it in class, and you do it in the morning, afternoon, and the middle of the night. What is it that I am referring to? Pinning, posting, and tweeting. Social Media has become a habitual practice in the lives of our generation. In a recent study conducted by Johnson & Whales University, 45% of college students surveyed admitted to spending 6-8 hours a day checking some sort of social media site! That is the same amount of time that is suggested we spend sleeping!

The prevalence of social media in our society has connected the world like never before seen. The rapid spread of ideas, beliefs, news, and personal information is simply astonishing. Many argue that these sites are helping people develop their social skills and their ability to develop and share ideas. However, it was proven that people who regularly use social media are more prone to procrastination, and more prone to using alcohol and drugs. As far as college students are concerned, it was found that there was a direct correlation of time spent on social media negatively influencing overall GPA.

Another negative affect of social media on college students is the huge distraction it has become. As social media websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter gain popularity, they are also becoming increasingly dangerous as they create modes to procrastinate while trying to complete homework and focus on classes. In a survey of 102 students, 57% stated that social media has made them less productive. I think that we can almost all admit to letting the newest Facebook newsfeed distract us from finishing out to-do lists.

In this week’s poll, Mount Messenger asked what social media site they would choose if they were limited to only one for a whole week. 54% reported Facebook to be their number one choice. 18% said that Twitter would be the one that they could not live without and 10% chose Pinterest. The other 18% of voters said it would be some other social media site that they would have chosen.

Although it seems impossible to imagine taking a break from social media for a whole week, that is the best way to really see the impact social media plays in our lives. Some colleges have been experimenting with this idea by blocking all social media sites from their Wi-Fi network for a week! Let’s not give Father Mackin any ideas!