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By: Angelique Suarez

With One Direction now on a permanent hiatus, Niall Horan surprised fans with the release of his debut single “This Town,” on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Horan is the first out of the remaining members of the group to release a new solo single since the band’s fifth album “Made in the A.M.” The single has quite similar sound to many 1D acoustic numbers.

Notably, Horan is the only member of the One Direction lineup who plays an instrument. His single includes warm acoustic guitar plucking. The song’s focus is modern and folk-inspired, with similar sounding production to that of artists like Ed Sheeran and James Bay.

The lyrics tell the story of two ex-lovers who cannot seem to escape each other. The male remembers their memories together, their favorite places to go, and feels the burden of all the things he never had the chance to say.

“This Town” is accompanied by a strip-down black and white music video, where Horan performed with one “mic” in a single take.

Many fans speculate the single is preceding a forthcoming announcement from Horan about him releasing a debut solo album. Validation to these rumors remains to be seen.