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By Angelique Suarez

Fall is quickly approaching! Now that school is in full swing, it is hard to devote time to change up your fall wardrobe. But this should not stop you from improving your closet.  Here are new and inventive ways to spice up your wardrobe:


Layering clothing is a simple way to wear old clothes in a new way. Your favorite dress can have a different vibe with a cardigan and scarf.  A button up shirt with a cardigan is also an optimal way to layer and wear your favorite item of clothing in a different way.

Wearing muted colors

As much as we want summer to last forever, it does not. Wearing bright colors in the fall is a sin, so stick to the status quo and wear muted colors such as army green, burgundy, dusty pink, black, and others.

Wearing the right shoes

Since it is cold outside now, wearing your favorite flip-flops and sandals is not appropriate footwear anymore. It is time to bring out the UGGs and boots to pair with your fall outfits.


Adding accessories to your wardrobe is a great way to mix things up and bring something extra to your outfit. Accessorizing is the best way to make your outfit stand out with style.