by Laura Wetherbee

Over the past two months I have decided to follow the latest trends and pursue a tea-tox.  What exactly is a tea-tox? Well, let me explain.

A tea-tox is a natural supplement where anti-oxidants are blended together to form a tea. You drink the tea  up to three times a day for weight-loss and energy.  You are able to eat as you normally would, so it is appealing to those who do not want to change their diet.

Mate Fit tea-tox is comprised of two different types of tea.  There is the metabolic tea, which you drink before breakfast and lunch.  Then there is the detox tea, which you drink every other night after dinner.

Mate Fit is a loose-leaf tea that you scoop and bag yourself.  The metabolic tea tasted very earthy, while the detox tea had a mint flavor.  I added honey at times to my metabolic tea to add a healthy sweet flavor.

I noticed within the first week of my tea-tox that I had much more energy throughout the day.  I no longer experienced the mid-afternoon crash that was so common for me.  I powered through my long days of work and school and still found the energy to work-out and do things around the house.

After about three weeks of my tea-tox, I began to notice I was losing weight.  It was nothing drastic maybe 2 or 3 pounds but my body just felt genuinely much healthier and active.  I also noticed I was more hydrated because the Mate Fit cups are very large and tea is comprised of mostly water.

What I liked about the Mate Fit tea-tox was that it helped suppress my appetite.  I began eating smaller meals and getting fuller faster.  I did not plan on changing my diet but the tea seemed to fill me up so I was unable to over-eat.

After two months of being on the tea-tox I have lost a total of 7 lbs and have gained more muscle tone due to my newfound energy to work-out.  I especially noticed the trouble area around my mid-section became more toned and less bloated.

I enjoy waking up and brewing my tea and find it soothing to sit, relax, and sip it.  Those interested in hopping aboard the latest trend and trying a tea-tox, I highly recommend the Mate Fit brand.

You can visit to browse the merchandise, frequently asked questions, and decide on your own if this is something you would like to try.