Image courtesy of: Elizabeth Fitamant

By: Elizabeth Fitamant

If you are looking for a city lunch date but do not feel like taking the train, drive right down the road to Ms. Fairfax, located at 105 Liberty Street, Newburgh, N.Y.

Ms. Fairfax is a laid-back restaurant in the heart of Newburgh with a locally sourced menu that serves lunch and dinner. Ms. Fairwax’s brick wall environment makes a restaurant-goer feel like they are walking into a quaint city café.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon when I went to Ms. Fairfax with my friend Clare. There were people sitting at beautiful, modern wood tables to our left-hand side, their rain jackets still dripping from the stormy weather.

Our waiter was friendly and attentive to all the guests around us. I ordered a typical rainy day meal, a trois fromage grilled cheese with prosciutto.

Their soup du jour was the “icing on the cake.” Clare ordered the tomato soup as well, and also a kale caesar salad.

The trois fromage grilled cheese was served on a baguette with a side salad, mustard seeds, and two cornichons. The tomato soup was served on a wooden cutting board with two toast points.

And finally, the kale caesar salad was served as a heavenly mountain of greens and cheese.

Our meals came to us in a timely manner. It appeared as if the chef really put the time and effort into making sure our dishes were each individual works of art.

Our experience at Ms. Fairfax was superb, to say the least. The dining there was the perfect compliment to a rainy afternoon.

Additionally, Ms. Fairfax has a full bar and is open late on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Be sure to check their Facebook page for any of their upcoming events!

Next time you are in the mood for a delicious meal, make sure you put Ms. Fairfax on your menu.