Image courtesy of: Claudia Larsen

By: Meredith Murphy

College is the time of your life, and for the Class of 2020 it’s quickly coming to a close. With only 243 days to graduation, all of the wants and what ifs of your college experience should be put into motion. For those who want to have the best last year, here’s 20 things to check off on your senior year bucket list:

  1. Climb Mount Beacon 
  2. Go to Billy Joe’s on a Saturday Night
  3. Visit the view at 2 a.m. 
  4. Go on a trip with Student Activities
  5. Pull an all nighter with your friends 
  6. Collect as many free Mount shirts as possible
  7. Win Mount Olympics
  8. Create a Polaroid scrapbook with your friends
  9. Win a Student Activities bingo
  10. Get a donut at Glazed Over
  11.  Take the elective you’ve been debating about for 3 years
  12.  Take a Spring Break trip 
  13.  Cherish the last year of student discounts
  14.  Put you all into your last year of classes
  15. Take an impromptu road trip 
  16. Take some time off your studies to just enjoy time with your friends
  17. Get some experience in your field with an internship
  18. Take your GPA to the finish line with you
  19.  Enjoy your senior week as your final Mount hurrah
  20.  Graduate!