By Stephanie Watkins

There are very few people that like cleaning, and also very few that find it easy. With these quick tips, however, cleaning might become a little less of a hassle for you. Here are the top five cleaning tips everyone should know by the time they’re 25:

1. Dirty shoes? Nothing a pillowcase can’t fix!

Spent the day hiking, or just walked through the mud? Place your sneakers inside a pillow case and put them in the washing machine. Cleans your shoes while keeping them and the liner of the machine safe. Leave in a warm place to air-dry.

2. Need fluffier pillows or comforters?

Place your pillows or comforters in the dryer with your favorite dryer sheets and a tennis ball. The ball bounces as the load tumbles, fluffing your items making them full and cuddly once again.

3. Dirty cutting board but hate chemicals?

Lemons and salt are your go-to for a clean board that smells fresh. Cut a lemon in half, cover your board in course salt and then rub the lemon in circles on the board, using the salt to scrub and lemon to scent.

4. Dirty shower head? Ziplock to the rescue!

Place a small amount of vinegar in a sandwich baggie, slide onto your shower head and secure with a rubber band. Just run hot water and the shower head will clean itself.

5. Favorite outfit still wet in the dryer and you wanted to wear it tonight?

Place a dry towel in the dryer with your wet load. The dry towel helps to absorb the moisture, belong it to dry faster so you can wear it sooner.