by Brittany Ambrosino


Say it ain’t so! Nick isn’t the only Jonas brother making a name for himself in the music industry. Joe Jonas, middle child of the Jonas trio, is stepping back out in the scene with his new band, DNCE.

DNCE is made up of Jonas, as frontman once again, former Jonas Brothers’ drummer, Jack Lawless, on drums; JinJoo Lee on guitar, who has played for Jordin Sparks and Charlie XCX, and Cole Whittle, founding member of the band Semi-Precious Weapons on bassist/keys.

Jonas told MTV, “I had an idea to start a band on my own for quite a while and was waiting for the right time,” Joe said. “I’ve known Jack and JinJoo for years, almost 10 years at this point, and played on and off with both of them and Cole just fell into our laps at the perfect moment, and we formed DNCE.”

DNCE debuted their first single on Z100 earlier this month.

The song titled “Cake By the Ocean” is an upbeat, techno 70’s type feel track with pop vibes, and a groovy chorus. I have to say, I’ve replayed it about five times while writing this article alone.

Compared to his R&B singing brother, Joe’s sound is innovative, kind of, well, wacky, and fits the band perfect.

While this came as a quick surprise, we’re excited to see where DNCE will go. There is already talk about an album or possible tour in the near future. (Fingers crossed for both!) Either way, we are ready for new music from Joe’s new project!