by Colleen Thornton


If one is ever up in the Catskill Mountain area and looking for an all-natural café, the best one to visit is Bees Knees Café on Heather Ridge Farm in Preston Hollow, NY. This little café might seem like a hike from our little niche on the Hudson, but it is well worth the travel.

Owners and farmers, Carol Clement and John Harrison, take pride in their farm and everything that is produced there.  All of their animals are grass fed, treated with love, and the pastures are left untreated by chemical fertilizers.  These small steps make their products not only taste better, but healthier for you.

The breakfast sandwich I ordered at Bees Knees Café put every other breakfast sandwich I have ever ordered to shame, even one from my favorite bagel place. The farm-made sausage tasted fresh, and when put together with the egg and Brovetto cheese on a farm made English muffin, it made me wonder how I ever settled for frozen sausage breakfast sandwiches that have to be defrosted.  The home fries that came with the sandwich were seasoned to perfection and it broke my heart to know that I would not be able to consume this again once I returned to school.

If breakfast is not your thing, do not worry.  Bees Knees Café makes literal award winning Oink and Moo Chili that is filled with grass fed beef and chorizo sausage in a spicy bean and tomato base.  The best thing about this chili is the option to purchase it frozen, so I could actually make this once I get back to school, unlike the breakfast sandwich and fries from before.  Mix in some cheese and sour cream to this chili and get ready to enjoy the best chili imaginable.

The café is located in a Victorian style house right next to the farm so there is a definite homey feel to the meal.  The time, dedication, and effort put into the farm and café is hard to miss.  If there is any doubt to this, take a look at this quote from Clement on the home page of the Heather Ridge Farm website:

“Our lives are full, surrounded by animals we really care for, by the warmth and support of our customers, and a beautiful Catskill mountain setting.  We work hard, and we love what we are creating.”

There is simply no question that Heather Ridge Farm and the Bees Knees Café really are the bee’s knees!