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By: Meredith Murphy

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy to watch this holiday season, I highly recommend “Isn’t It Romantic.

The movie tells the story of a young girl whose hopes are shattered after her mother explains to her that “life’s not a fairy tale. Girls like us don’t get that,” meaning women who are plus size. Fast forward 25 years later, the young girl evolves into Natalie, an architect as well as a romantic movie hater. Stuck at a dead-end job that’s confined her to carrying bagels and coffee, her love life practically nonexistent, Natalie’s situation is anything but opportune. However, the tides start changing after, on the way home from work, she gets knocked out during a subway mugging. When Natalie wakes up, she finds herself stuck in a PG-13 rom-com with every trope known to man.

Rebel Wilson, who plays the rom-com hater, is a great leading lady. She is hilarious with her clever one-liners and great quips. She also portrays the main idea behind her character – that self-love should be your number 1 priority – with absolute authenticity and confidence. Furthermore, I loved the dynamic between Adam DeVine and Wilson. Though their romantic chemistry may not be entirely convincing, they bounced off each other well, making their banter amusing.

In addition, Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth play two other supporting characters in this movie. It was a pleasant surprise to see them in these parts, considering they are typically allied with more dramatic roles, and they kept up with the comedic styles of DeVine and Wilson brilliantly.

Maggie Murphy, a recent college graduate, says that “this movie pokes fun at all the romantic clichés, but at the same time, it keeps the message of staying true to yourself.” Altogether, this is a great romantic comedy that proves the first step to an epic love story is loving yourself.