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By: Silvia Marin

Internships are a valuable way to gain experience in an area that you may be curious about. One of the best ways to become a top candidate for a job is by having experience through internships.

While researching potential places to do an internship, your Career Center counselor will help find one that matches those interests so that you have a better understanding of what it is like working in that field.

“Students should do at least two internships if not hopefully three or more,” says Ellen Nolan, Career Center counselor at the Mount. “It gives you a chance to try out different areas so that you know where your interests are.”

The first step that needs to be taken is attending information sessions. There are multiple sessions throughout the semester held at varying times so that everyone can attend. At each session, one of the counselors from the Career Center will explain the application process, how to write resumes, how to prepare for interviews and much more. You will then meet with your counselor, who will help you find an internship, edit your resume and guide you throughout the process so that you are more likely to have a positive experience.

“Take a couple of courses in your major so that you at least have the basic knowledge,” says Nolan about preparing for an internship. “Talk to an advisor or faculty that could steer you based on their knowledge.”

Once you’ve applied, been accepted and started your internship, take advantage of it. Internships are meant to be educational and serve as good experience.

“Use the internship as learning opportunity,” states Nolan. “Ask questions, develop relationships, work hard, and never say you can’t do something.”

October is here and, while it only feels like classes have just started, we are quickly approaching the middle of the semester. Many of you may be starting to think about the classes you’ll be taking next semester and potentially internships. If so, now is the time to schedule a visit to the Career Center. For more information and the times of sessions you can visit the Career Centers website at or visit their office in Aquinas 151.