by Christian Redl

Rating: ** ½

Among the wave of electro that is sweeping the charts and popular music, it is easy to forget where music has evolved from, or how mollifying a simple voice and acoustic guitar can be. James Gilmore playfully reminds us of music’s humble roots, without any need for extravagance or intricate drum filters.

Hurt n’ Wrong is a testament to folk music, the way that Bob Dylan or Woody Guthrie would have intended it to be. Meshing sounds similar to Mumford & Sons and the most recent endeavors of The Decemberists, Gilmore romantically exclaims that the banjo and vocal harmonies are not something saved simply for the old country. The title track, “Hurt n’ Wrong” brings folk into the twentieth century, a great feat for such a young talent. We should expect more from Gilmore, and there is a bright future ahead of this old soul trapped in a modern world.