How to: DIY Your Dorm
From the wall of Kayla Goman, Freshman, featuring a stylish tiling of whiteboards and cork boards. (Photo by Jeanine Verderosa)

by Jeanine Verderosa

Do it yourself, commonly known as “DIY” has become the newest trend of 2013.  It is usually more common with the female population, but men are more than welcome to join the craze. There are plenty of things you can DIY. Decorating, repairing, or creating things that you would normally purchase all fall under this trend’s broad umbrella. DIY is a fun way to get creative while also saving money.

As a freshman who lives on campus, I have explored many dorms. It was brought to my attention that girls are now bringing DIY to their rooms! Instead of buying picture frames, many Mount Saint Mary College students, as well as students across the globe, are doing something much simpler; they are using clothespins to hang their photos on their walls. Also, buying a corkboard and putting pictures on it is another easier and messy-free way to finally get that perfect collage of high school and college pictures together.

There are many projects you could do, such as “String Art.”  To accomplish this task, you buy a wooden board, trace out the design or image you would like using nails, and wrap the string around the nails in the design you would like. Leave about 1½ inches of space in between each nail. Make sure to pick out a fun colored string and spray paint the wood. If you are not the crafty type then do not worry, neither am I. Some of the projects are not so bad, so long as you are willing to take the time and have the patience to experiment.

If you are not sure what projects to do, looking online can also help. Just make sure you first get your roommate’s permission before you start crafting! Some of them can get a little chaotic, but once you have confidence, let your inner creativity out. If getting creative does not interest you as much as shopping, I have just the project for you. Have you shopped at your favorite store lately? Do you absolutely love the bag that your clothes came in? Does thinking about throwing the bag out make you cringe, so you store it under your bed or end up throwing it out? Stop right there. You can use these bags by getting creative. Buy a frame and put the bag inside exposing the label. If you want a little edge to your dorm room, and to show everyone your fashion taste, give it a try.

There are many websites that can help spark ideas, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and even YouTube with its array of tutorial videos. So, if the walls in your dorms are looking awful, plain, and boring, get creative and join the DIY trend.