Kathleen O'Keefe
Kathleen O'Keefe, Associate Director of the Career Center. (Photo by Mount Saint Mary College)

by Victoria Wresilo

Students are welcomed to attend the annual Mount Saint Mary College Employment Fair hosted by the Career Center in the Kaplan gym from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m on March 26th.

Approximately 60 employers will be in attendance, according to the Career Center website.

Associate Director of the Career Center Kathleen O’Keefe said students should dress to impress and bring their Mount ID and 15 copies of their resume. “All majors would benefit from attending because the employment fair hosts potential internships, co-ops, part-time, and full time jobs,” O’ Keefe said.

The full list of the employers coming are available on the Career Center website. Some of the companys include the FBI, the NYPD, Waterbury public schools, EOS Medical Group, and FOX News to name a few. Employers attending cover a variety of majors.

“Speaking to employers and introducing yourself, it takes practice,” said O’Keefe. The whole idea of getting comfortable speaking to potential employers before students graduate is beneficial.

“Its important to get experience with communicating and interacting with future employers,” senior Jess Cowell said.

Every class year is welcome to attend the event but it would be the most beneficial to graduating seniors. “Graduating seniors really need to look like a million bucks,” said O’Keefe.

Prepped and polished, everyone attending should look professional. O’Keefe said men should wear a suit if they have one, but if they don’t slacks and a button down would be appropriate as well.

As for women, O’Keefe said students should watch hemlines. Short skirts and low cut shirts should be avoided. Look as professional as possible.

“Don’t go to your top employer first,” she said. Students should get comfortable speaking so when they approach their number one choice they are fully prepared.

For more tips about the employment fair, visit the Career Center website and click on the Employment Fair 2014 link.