by Alexis Coronato

With the weather warming up and graduation right around the corner, it seems much more appealing to skip class and “day drink” than to sit through another boring lecture. However, this last month of school is still very important. Graduate schools often check the grades for your last semester, and too many absences or missing assignments might result in the failure of a class. Here are some ways that you can survive the lack of motivation known as Senioritis, while still enjoying the rest of your time here at Mount Saint Mary College.

1. Do your work as soon as possible. Rather than leaving your assignments until the last minute, get them done right away. This will allow you to avoid the dread of looming due dates. It will also leave you with more free time, as you won’t have to waste precious hours procrastinating what needs to get done.

2. Do as many fun things as possible. The four best years of our lives are coming to an end quicker than we would like, so we need to make sure we make as many memories as possible. Hike up Mount Beacon, kayak on the Hudson River, or go out on a Monday night. Once we enter the real world, there is no turning back. Balancing our work schedule with fun makes surviving senioritis much more likely.

3. Start applying to jobs. One way to avoid the funk known as senioritis is to start planning the next chapter of your life. Look back with appreciation and look ahead with anticipation. You can’t go back to freshman year, so make the best of planning for the next step.

Savor every day that you have left here at the Mount. Graduation is going to be bittersweet, so break out of the senioritis slump and get your work done so you have plenty of time left for making memories.