by Alexis Coronato

Now that Hurricane Sandy has blown over, you might be looking back wishing you had been more prepared. Maybe your cell phone died within the first hour or maybe you had to trudge across campus to eat at The View because you didn’t have enough food in your dorm room. Have no fear; next time you will be prepared if you do these few, simple things.

1. Stock up.

It is better to have too much than not enough, especially when it comes to these items: water, food, batteries, flashlights/lanterns, and first aid and personal care items.

2. Charge up.

Power outages are unpredictable and can last anywhere from minutes to days. Make sure your cell phone and laptop are fully charged, and have a car charger on hand.

3. Listen up.

Pay close attention to the news so you can get an idea of how prepared you need to be. Some websites also give an option of providing your cell phone number so that you can receive text messages with storm updates.

*The following is for those 21 and over.

4. Drink up.

Once the power goes out, you don’t want to be sitting there thinking, “Now what?” Grab a thirty rack and sit back and safely weather the storm. Only for those of you who are over 21, of course.

Remember, it is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.