by: Laura Wetherbee

Holiday break is just around the corner and while students at Mount Saint Mary College (MSMC) are anxious to get home, it is important to stay busy and take advantage of the holiday break. posted an article on ways to stay busy over break.  The first thing they suggested is to enjoy the time with your family.  Some students have been gone for a while and are a little homesick.  Enjoy your break with your family and enjoy all of the home cooked food.  Catch a movie together or play a board game with them.  Spring semester will come before you know it, so make sure you spend some quality time with your family.

The article also suggested students read a book.  Yes, this semester has been filled with textbook reading and studying, but now you have the chance to pick up a book that you enjoy to read.  Indulge yourself in a new book.  This will keep you busy and keep your mind fresh and thinking.

Looking for internships is also discussed in the article.  Now that you have some downtime, this is the perfect opportunity to start working toward some kind of career.  Although the internship may be unpaid, you will be receiving valuable work experience to add to your resume.

Aside from internships, students can always work over the holiday break.  Whether it is a part-time or full-time job, the extra time you have available to work will allow you to pick up some extra cash, which can come in handy for next semester.

Although this does sound lame, studying could be a perfect opportunity to get ahead in the classes you are taking when you return to school.  When spring semester rolls around the corner, you will be prepared to participate in class discussions because you have already familiarized yourself with the material.  This will make you stand out as a student to professors.

Catching up on movies is also a tip stated in the article.  Students are so busy during the semester there is no time to go to the movies.  With the extra time students have on break, they can catch up on all of the movies they were not able to see during the fall semester.

A popular thing to do while on break is to reconnect with old friends.  It is good to stay in contact with your old friends.  The article suggests you get together with your friends for a cup of coffee because it is important to keep these connections.

Another way to get ahead is to take an online course.  MSMC offers various online courses for the winter break.  If you are able to squeeze in an online class and use it as a credit toward your major, then you can get ahead.  The good thing about online classes over break is that you are back home with family and friends, but still working toward your degree.

These are some tips to stay busy over the holiday break while enjoying your time off from classes.