Career Center Staff
Career Center Directors Kathleen O'Keefe (left) and Janet Zeman (right) with college president Fr. Kevin Mackin (center). (Photo by Lee Ferris, Mount Saint Mary College)

by Fallon Witte

Seniors, start preparing yourself for after graduation now.

The Mount Saint Mary College class of 2014 will graduate on May 17. With all the tests, papers, presentations and group projects professors are assigning, it’s difficult to think about what you need to do set yourself up for success after college.

Here’s 10 easy ways students can become confident to take the next step,

1. Clean up your social media:  Your Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media platform are always accessible. Google your name and see what pops up. It doesn’t matter what job you apply for, any employer can most likely find a history of you online. Clean up your social media sites by hiding or deleting any information or pictures you wouldn’t want employers to question you about in an interview.


2. Rewrite your resume:  There are a million and one ways to write a resume.  According to The Under Cover Recruiter, hiring managers take about seven seconds to read a resume, so keep it short. You will have the opportunity to market yourself during a job interview.

According to The Huffington Post, recruiters spend 80 percent of their brief review on six key elements of your resume: your name, the current company you work for, your previous employment, the start and end dates of your current position and your educational background.

The Career Center is still available to you as an alumni if you need help updating and perfecting your resume.


3. Visit the financial aid office:   According to MSMC’s financial aid office, 98 percent of last year’s incoming freshmen received financial aid. Unfortunately, loans must be paid back. The financial aid office can help figure out how much you owe and help you set up a repayment schedule.


4. Gather recommendations:  Make sure your professors, advisers, or college employers have something respectable to say about you.

“It is extremely satisfying as a professor to be able to write a recommendation for a student that has worked hard to be successful in my class,” said Professor James Griesemer.


5. Get organized:  According to Fast Web, map out each week of the semester so you can visualize what you want and need to achieve. It is time to get organized for the final stretch.


6.  Visit the Career Center:  The MSMC Career Center has helped students take steps in the right direction. Revise your resume, attend end-of-the-year interview strategy workshops, and take advantage of their contacts.

“The Career Center helped me to locate an internship in my field,’’ said senior Deanna DiGiorgi, “It was a great experience.”


7. Network: There are many ways to network. Create a LinkedIn account,  join your college’s network, and begin making connections. Remember to use a professional and simple email address. If that means you need to create one, do it!


8. Use connections: Along the lines of networking, reach out to three people you are familiar with or alumni who work in the industry you are seeking. Ask if you can get coffee or chat on the phone. Picking the brains of others with knowledge can only benefit you. Begin to think of everyone as a potential networking resource.


9. Create business cards:  Use Vista Print and choose from thousands of different business card layouts. If you are feeling creative, add a QR code and link it to your LinkedIn account.


10. Celebrate! You have worked hard and should enjoy all you have accomplished.