by Christine Urio

Fall Decorations
(Photo by Christine Urio)

When the air is crisp and the days get shorter, you know that fall has arrived.

Autumn can put you in a festive spirit, but why let that end when you close your door to the leaves swirling in the wind? Bring a little Halloweentown spirit into your dorm!

Here are some ideas for you:

  • A string of (fake) orange and gold leaves can bring the beautiful fall nature inside the room. They look nice draped over a desk or around the door frame.
  • Garland is not just for Christmas! Find some that is Halloween themed and use them to hang around a window frame.
  • Make everyday a party with black and orange streamers hung from the inside of the door. Walking through them will make your guests feel like they’re entering another world every time!
  • Spooky cobwebs hanging from the ceiling or on the walls always adds a nice touch.
  • Tiny pumpkins or squash are nice to decorate a bookcase. Grab some sharpies and give those little guys some personality!
  • Foam cutouts are adorable and hassle-free decorations that come in all sorts of shapes, such as leaves, pumpkins, skulls, and masquerade masks. Hang them on a wall or a door to spice up the place.
  • Little “Welcome” or “Boo” signs will always make people smile when they enter the room.
  • Let your sweet tooth ache no more! Grab a Halloween candy pail or a pumpkin basket and stock it full of all your chocolate favorites to grab a piece before hitting class, or to snack on during study breaks.
  • Lots of people put quotes on paint strips, but grab some orange and green ones next time and draw on them to make cute little pumpkin and Frankenstein cutouts.
  • And of course, everyone’s childhood favorite: spider rings! Scatter some on your desk or wear them on your fingers. Somebody is bound to take notice.

Because we are college students and are ultimately on a limited budget, most of these things can be found at reasonable prices. Look in the dollar section of Target, craft stores, and local dollar stores. With all of these resources available, it is impossible to not have a spooktacular room this season!