by Johanna Seidel

Congratulations you made it through the school year! Finals are soon to be a thing of the past. The sun is shining the temperature is rising; summer vacation is just about here! The nostalgic memories of late night pool parties, picnics, and the smell of the beach are slowly replacing the stress of finals, papers, and waking up early. But let’s face it before we know it, we will be back at the Mount to do it all again so here is a check list for you to make the most of your summer vacation.

[ ] Make a Summer Playlist- Burn a CD to keep in your car and be sure the playlist is also on your I-pod or cell phone. Include some of you favorite songs that bring back the best memories from the year and don’t forget the blasts from the past!

[ ] Go to a Drive- in Movie- Find the closest drive- in theatre and grab a group of your friends, a bunch of blankets, and lots of snacks. There is nothing better than a warm summer, windows down with a great flick.

[ ] Have BBQ- Invite friends from high school and your MSMC buddies, kick back in the backyard, and grill up some goodness. It will be a great opportunity to have your new friends from college meet your old friends from home. Set up volleyball net and get a game going and finish off the night with a bonfire. (Don’t forget the s’mores!)

[ ] Take a Trip or 2… or 3… to the Beach– Nothing says summer better than a frisbee ,a long walk on the beach, tanning, and playing in the waves.

[ ] Make a Photo Album- Take the time to take all the photos you took over the year and put your favorites in the album.

[ ] Workout- The summer is the perfect time to take off any pounds that may have crept on throughout the year. Do things that you enjoy get outside and go swimming or play some tennis. Even though the summer BBQs may be tempting but just keep in mind it is swim suit season!

[ ] Read Things that You Enjoy- Put down your laptop and pick up a book. Read all of those books that you have been piling up on you all semester when you were too busy with homework.

[ ] Reconnect with Your Family- Let’s face it; we probably have not been able to devote that much quality time with our family. Make it a point to have some much needed one on one time with the ones who mean the most.

[ ] Road Trip- Have fun planning an exciting day trip. Try an amusement park or state park. Pack of your car with friends and hit the road!

[ ] Self Reflect- Take this time off to recap your school year. Think about your success and what you could have done better. Think about the differences between who you are now and who you were you first came to college. Set new goals for the upcoming year based upon what brought you happiness and success. Start working on a plan to reach your goals. With a set plan and goals in place you will feel more confident about the upcoming year.

I hope you all have a fabulous summer, stay safe and have fun. See you in the fall! Remember the tans will fad but the memories will last forever.