by Alexis Coronato

Have you ever put a lot of effort into carving a pumpkin, just to have it look like it was carved with a chainsaw? Don’t let that stop you from continuing this fun fall tradition; you can use cookie cutters to help get the desired outcome and have the best looking pumpkins on the block.

What You Need:


Cookie cutter(s)

Rubber mallet

Small knife and/or the serrated saw from a pumpkin carving kit

First you need to “gut” the pumpkin. Cut a circle around the stem with the knife and remove it. Next, reach your hands inside the pumpkin and remove all the seeds, as well as the seeds from the lid. These pumpkin seeds can be salted and toasted in the oven for a delicious fall treat.

Once your pumpkin is gutted, choose what cookie cutter design you want and position it on the pumpkin. Pound it lightly with the mallet until the cookie cutter is at least halfway through the pumpkin’s shell.

Remove the cookie cutter (if you have difficulties doing so, you can use needle-nose pliers). Cut through the pumpkin with the knife or serrated saw, making sure you follow the lines created by the cookie cutter. Put one hand inside the pumpkin and push the cookie cutter’s shape out and throw it away.

Lastly, place a candle inside the pumpkin and enjoy the glow from your picture-perfect pumpkin!