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By: Laura Wetherbee

Valentine’ Day is important to many people. A little romance is never a bad thing. College students may have limited finances, but that does not mean they should have to miss out on the annual holiday festivities.

Here are 3 affordable ways to win your Valentines’ heart:

1: Set up a picnic.

Sure, it’s February and winter is in full fruition at Mount Saint Mary College. Still, try and find some private space where you can treat your sweetheart to a meal, snacks and heart-shaped chocolates. The campus may not permit real candles, but buying some fake flickering light-bulb knock-offs at the store can still appropriately set the mood.

2: Create a collage and frame it.

CVS, Rite AID, Walmart and Shutterstock all offer methods to create and print digital files.  People can create beautiful collages and print digital photographs.  The trick is to pay attention to the pricing, as certain size photos are often much cheaper than others.  This gift works splendidly for all, and at extremely convenient prices.  Be sure to spend extra for the frame, as most loose photos could end up receiving damage.

3: Chocolate anything and a Card

Chocolate should not be forgotten.  There are wide price ranges of chocolate, and many different types.  I would say purchase the one they love and throw in a Valentine’s card with a sentimental hand-written message inside, and you are set.  Thoughtfulness and romance — all in one act.

Even if you missed Valentine’s Day, it is not too late. People love to be swept off their feet at any time of the year.  Show someone you care by spoiling them, and as affordably as you can if money has been an issue in the past.