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By: Clare O’Keefe

Are you a college student looking to get away for spring break, or even for the summer?

Many students are constantly in travel mode, but of course cannot realistically do so because of the money factor. Between a flight, hotel and other excursions, trips can become pretty expensive quickly. And quite frankly, college-aged students are on a huge budget already.

Luckily, the new and innovative app, Hopper, will help cut costs!

Hopper is designed to help land the best flight prices available. The app watches billions of different day-to-day flight prices and predicts the ideal time for someone to book their flights. Overall, this app is proven to help save up to 40 percent in the bank!

When initially using this app, notifications can be catered personally to you and your travels by selecting where you want to fly to-and-from and then entering the intended date range of your trip.

Afterwards, you can choose to set up your own profile. Here you can customize your information by putting in your currency plan, credit card information and other persons who might be accompanying you during your trip.

A calendar will then show you their projection of what the cheapest time to fly is, and when you will earn the best deals. Additionally, if you want to add more trips you have the unlimited opportunity to vouch for as many as you want.

Available on any iOS 8.1 or later, Hopper has risen in popularity with each trip it books for its cliental. Rated four and a half stars out of five, be sure to go to your app store and download Hopper to start planning your vacation now!