Hidden Masterpieces
"18 months" by Joanne Arnett. (Photographed by Rebecca Gordils)

by Rebecca Gordils

What may come to mind when thinking of Newburgh probably includes Mount Saint Mary College, a run-down neighborhood, and a beautiful waterfront. Many know it as Hudson Valley’s small, vandalized, and troubled city, but what most don’t consider are the hidden treasures found on the side streets of Newburgh, and specifically Anne Street.

The Anne Street Gallery, home to the work of emerging and established artists, is run by Safe Harbors of the Hudson, an organization that aims to “transform lives and build communities through housing and the arts.” The gallery is conveniently located approximately five minutes from the college right off of Broadway.

Anne Street Gallery’s most recent exhibit consisted of pieces made from different materials and textures. The art piece shown above is titled “18 Months” by Joanne Arnett. It is composed of a mixture of cotton, bamboo, and wire, and hangs on the wall like tapestry. The rest of the exhibit featured different fabrics, fiber, acrylic, plastic, stone, and even “gut.”

The gallery aims to bring art and culture back to Newburgh while trying to rebuild the community to its former glory. They have cards at the front desk with the phrase “Newburgh: just like Brooklyn, only cheaper,” which aims to highlight the underlying beauty of Newburgh.

While Newburgh may be one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., it holds great potential for growth, as well as some of the most beautiful treasures hidden among its streets. Down the block from the art gallery, one can see a beautiful mural on the wall of an abandoned building by an anonymous artist that exemplifies the hidden talent and hope of the city of Newburgh.