A person washing their hands with soap. (Photo courtesy of ct.gov)

by Nicollette Roland

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT! ATTENTION PLEASE, PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!  You are allowed to wash your hands after using the restroom, after sneezing and or coughing in them, scratching your butt, or just feeling the need to wash your hands. Trust me, it is okay.

Entering college, there is some stuff that as young adults we should know how to do. The basics of life. The simple, little, clean stuff. We know how to bathe, brush our teeth, clean our hair, not wear dirty clothes, and some of us even know how to wash our hands. Lately there have been outbreaks of diseases and viruses that are life threatening and very contagious. With winter coming upon us, flu season is knocking on the doors of the classrooms, the desks, the ID cards, and the air we share as students. The spread of germs is like wildfire, but we can help slow down its spread by simply washing our hands.

Washing your hands is like giving your hands a new start, cleansing your hands of the germs of other people and yourself. Just like you would brush your teeth everyday more than once a day, you should wash your hands every few hours or every hour if you have time.

But isn’t that what sanitizer is for?

Of course sanitizer is a life saver, but if you have access to some soap and water choose the soap. Sanitizer is not a replacement for hand washing and even the labels say it only kills 99.9% of germs.

Before you eat wash your hands, before you touch a baby wash your hands, before you cook wash your hands, and after using the restroom please wash your hands. And if you need a little extra convincing that you should wash your hands, just think about that door knob you just touched or that railing you just held to go down some stairs; think about all the people that touched these things who probably did not wash their hands, what if they pick their nose, itch all the time, or they are just plain dirty. All of these germs are now on your hands.

Remember to always wash your hands. This public service announcement was intended for all the men and women on campus. Thank you for reading.