A person using hand sanitizer. (Photo courtesy of nativemobile.com)

by Nicollette Roland

It is that time again for turkey, yams, food, Christmas ham, gift giving, gift receiving, and most of all germ sharing. This winter let’s try our hardest to not get sick. Let’s win this war against the flu.

One tip to follow this winter is to stay warm and dress warm. Wear a scarf, gloves, a decent coat, and keep hot tea around always. Having parts of your body exposed in the cold weather is a sure way to get sick and freeze halfway to death. The warmer your body is, the less likely you are to get sick over the winter.

Also, carry hand sanitizer everywhere. There is going to be a lot of sick people with “winter allergies” and they will be sneezing and coughing into their hands and on the sleeves of their coats, wiping their noses with the backs of their hand, and rubbing the watery germs out of their eyes. Then they will come and hug you because they have not taken into consideration what germs they are spreading when they rub their runny nose or rub the sickness in their eyes. So it is up to you to make sure your hands are clean.

But if you do happen to catch the bug, make sure you drink lots of hot tea with lemon and get rest. You may have finals or Christmas shopping to do, but trust that you will be sick longer than you plan to be if you don’t rest your body. Rest is essential for a cold and so is NyQuil, soup, tea, and Netflix. All of these things are essential so that you can quickly make a full recovery from your cold.

This season be smart, be clean, and be safe. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. And a Happy New Year too.