by Amy Rice

Winter vacation is the perfect time to take a break from the stress of your studies. But after the initial honeymoon period of break wears off, we all find ourselves rather bored. Since we are used to going 1,000 miles a minute as college students, try putting that unused energy into things that you wish you did during the school year.

If you have been slacking off in the physical fitness arena, get back into the habit and create a steady workout routine that you can take back to school with you. Talk to your local gym about purchasing a one-month membership. By the time you step foot back on the Mount’s turf, you will be ready to continue your exercise regime in addition to beginning your Spring semester studies.

The holidays for us fortunate college students are usually a time of giving, receiving, and spending time with our loved ones. Sadly, there are millions of people that spend the holidays alone, homeless or in a shelter, and without even the most basic necessities. Go through your closet of clothes and donate anything that you haven’t worn this semester to the Goodwill. You will feel organized and cleansed, and someone else will have a new outfit for the holidays. If you find yourself on an organizing spree, think about getting rid of old shoes, makeup, and stacks of papers from all of your previous semesters.

Are you a senior? If so, graduation is right around the corner, in fact, it is only 7 short months away. Use this opportunity to start researching potential employment options and career paths. Once school starts up again, you will most likely not have much time to dedicate to your future plans. Employers will start seeking college graduates soon, so use this time to perfect your resume and cover letter so they are interview ready.

If you still find that your winter break is lackluster, call up some old high school friends and reconnect. Telling old stories from your glory days over a dinner out is a great way to spend a night. Plus, if you plan on moving back home after graduation, it will be easier to find plans and people to spend your time with.

Make your Winter Break one that you want to come back and tell your friends about. If you don’t have a good story, you probably didn’t have any fun. Don’t waste your time away from school laying around on the couch watching reruns of “Friends,” get up and revamp yourself.