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by Jillian Torre

What seemed like a never-ending winter has finally ended. Spring has shown its face and it’s now warm enough to leave the boots and coat in the closet and move your exercise outdoors.

Take advantage of the warm weather and exercise among the birds and the trees. Grab some friends, buy a Frisbee from the dollar store, and spend a fun afternoon on the Kaplan Sod Field. Spending time in the sun will make you forget you’re getting a working out.

Whether or not you’ve ever played before pick up a tennis racquet and try hitting a ball back and forth with some friends, or start a pick up soccer game in between classes.

When you’re outside actually enjoying yourself, you’ll tend to stay active longer. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun.

Our bodies also need change. After doing the same treadmill and ab routine so many times, our bodies will no longer respond the same way. Moving your workout outside is the perfect way to switch it up and give your body that change it’s been waiting for.

Another perk to outdoor workouts: they’re free! Don’t worry about paying for a gym membership when you’re home for summer break. Let Mother Nature be your gym.

The price isn’t the only thing the great outdoors has on Planet Fitness. Outdoor workouts can happen anytime and anywhere. Go for a run through any town at anytime of the day – but remember to wear bright colors or a reflector if running at night. Take a long walk on the beach and tone your calves. Ride your bike to work or go hiking on your day off. The possibilities are endless.

The next sunny and warm day, try switching up you’re workout routine with some fresh air and Vitamin D.