by Amy Rice and Jillian Torre

Food is only half the battle when maintaining a healthy diet. What you drink, has just as much of an impact on your health. The next time you get on line for a drink  at Jazzman’s Café & Bakery, keep in mind these pointers.

Jazzman’s Bakery offers many options for college students on the run.  No matter whether you are after a frozen treat, or a hot coffee pick-me-up, there are smart choices to be made.  Making the wrong choice, can pack on hundreds of extra calories to your day.

The three best Espresso options are (all 12oz.) a cappuccino, weighing in at 90 calories, a latte at 140 calories, or a caramel latte at 180 calories.  The calorie difference between a caramel latte and a caramel delight latte is significant, so be sure to hold off on the delight.  Every latte at Jazzman’s can also be made a little healthier by easily asking the barista to use skim or 2% milk. Asking for different milk can cut your milk calories almost in half.

When aching for something cold on the random ninety-degree days that the Hudson Valley has been witnessing, frozen and iced teas are the best choice to fulfill your craving healthily.  A 12oz. Iced Chai Tea is 120 calories, compared to the Iced Mocha which is 190 calories, and the Iced Caramel Latte which is 200 calories, but all are smart options.

The three best choices for Frozen drinks are Frozen Blueberry Green Tea (110 calories), Frozen Latte Blast (160 calories), and Frozen Pomegranate tea (110 calories).  Notice that it is not only the type of beverage you choose, but the size.  Not only is it important to portion your food intake, but also portion your drinks.  Smaller sized beverages can lessen the calorie count by as many as 100-200 calories.  All of these recommendations are based on a 12oz (small) cup size.

The best overall options for drinks offered at Jazzman’s Bakery is the line of “Frozen Skinny” drinks.  All items on this menu are 150 calories or less.  This menu includes Dark Chocolate Mocha- Cool Jazz Blast, and a Frozen Latte- Cool Jazz Blast.

The next time that you are getting in line for a mid-day treat at Jazzman’s Bakery, keep these suggestions in mind to help you make the best healthy choice that you can.  Keep your body fueled for finals week by keeping your mind, and your body, healthy and active.