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by Nicollette Roland

Mornings often feel stressful and rushed, like an early start to the chaos that may follow in the day. But sometimes waking up is not the hardest part of our early morning routines. Getting out the door on time and finding or preparing food is what can make us crazy. So to be a helping hand in your mornings, and to help you skip the regular Dunkin’ Donuts bagel with cream cheese or butter, Mount Messenger has a few ideas you can try. We know mornings sound good with a bagel and side of coffee, but what sounds good is not always good for you. So let’s try some new choices.

First, preparation is the key. If you know that you are the type to hit the snooze button four times and get up twenty minutes before you’re supposed to go, try prepping stuff the night before. Your outfit, the order you put your makeup on, your morning playlist, and most importantly breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and eating a good breakfast can save you from being awarded the “grouch of the day” trophy, so let’s get into it.

Prep a cup for a nice nutritional smoothie in the morning. Cut up some kale or spinach, freeze a banana, have a bag of frozen fruit from a supermarket on hand at all times, an avocado, and if you are really hungry add some uncooked oats to the cup. Make sure the oats are not steel cut or instant, as these will not blend right. The oats in your smoothie are optional, and you can replace oats with chia seeds too. These additions will have you satisfied for a longer period of time.  Put all of these ingredients in a bowl or cup ready to go for the next morning (minus the frozen banana, that can wait till you’re ready to blend). Blend with water or almond milk. And BOOM POW you have a nice breakfast smoothie.

To go along with this smoothie, have a cut-up apple prepared the night before. To keep the apple slices from turning brown, squeeze a little lemon juice on them and in the morning put them in a container with some fresh ground cinnamon sprinkled on them. Cinnamon helps with blood pressure and it tastes good.

If you are a person that needs a little more for breakfast bake a sweet potato a day or two before and refrigerate it to eat along with the rest of your breakfast with a handful of nuts.

Try some of these tips for your breakfast and you should find yourself feeling light but satisfied, happy and not mood swingy, with better skin and hair, and a flatter belly. These breakfast options are just another step to a healthier, more fabulous you!